Deep Curly Weaves

Deep curly weaves hair is an awesome idea for who loves curly hairstyles. Weave hair is a type of high-quality bulk hair. We use a sewing machine to create a weft with 1-2 meters in length. Our employers are so professional so there are no tangles or falling situation. The price of this extension is a quite cheap product suiting any customer. There are many choices for you to choose the length of products as well as standards, colors, textures that are free to decide. Our weave deep curly hair promises that bring a charming beauty that attracts all the people around you.

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Curly Weaves

Deep Curly Black Weave hair


Curly Weaves

Deep Curly dark brown Weave hair


Curly Weaves

Deep Curly Light Brown Weave hair


Curly Weaves

Deep Curly Cool Brown/Red Weave hair


Curly Weaves

Deep Curly Light Blonde Weave hair


Curly Weaves

Deep Curly White Blonde Weave hair