Texture Chart

Texture chart


Texture chart

1. Straight hair texture

Do you think that straight hair appears simple and straightforward, right? It is wrong! Natural straight hair comes in a variety of textures, from fine and thin to thick and coarse.

1.1. Natural Straight

Straight weave

Because natural straight hair has a streamlined structure, natural oils from the scalp (sebum) may easily find their way down to the hair shaft, providing all the nutrients it requires. This kind of straight hair retains its strength even when brushed, braided, or styled vigorously. Furthermore, natural straight hair has always been a popular hairstyle that has been embraced by a large number of individuals for decades.

1.2. Kinky Straight

Kinky straight full lace wig

Kinky straight hair texture has become one of the most popular hair textures throughout the world. Kinky straight hairstyle has a gritty texture that has a highly tight zig-zag pattern that might be difficult to see. This hair appears to be incredibly fluffy which is more akin to African-American natural hair. If you style your hair with kinky straight extensions, it will look fantastic.

1.3. Yaki Straight

Yaki straight lace front wig

Yaki straight hair is textured hair that can be coarse or wavy and is supposed to seem like chemically relaxed, Caribbean, or Afro Caribbean hair. This hair is lightweight, full of body, and delightfully smooth. Yaki straight hair extensions are popular among those who have relaxed or straightened hair and wish to add length and volume to it, as well as to attain a natural look and feel.

2. Wavy hair texture

With hair ranging from loose loops to coarse, thick S-shaped waves coupled with curls, the wavy texture is neither totally straight nor completely curly. This texture is often flattering at the root and lies near to the head, becoming curlier as it progresses down the head.

2.1. Natural Wavy

Natural wavy weave

You have this natural wavy hair texture if your hair looks like open beachy waves or loose, s-shaped curves after being air-dried without using any products. Examine your strands after air drying and before applying any style products to see whether you have naturally wavy hair. Due to the rougher texture, girls with this wavy hair type have less greasy strands than girls with straight hair.

2.2. Deep Wavy

Deep wavy weave

The deep wavy hair texture has smooth waves that are significantly deeper than the body wave, resulting in tighter curls. It has a luscious texture that adds volume to your hair. Deep wavy hair extensions may truly make a difference and add length and thickness to your natural curls if you only want to enhance them. African American clients love deep wavy hair because of its tight curl, which is a little neater than curly hair for the curl type.

2.3. Fumi Wavy

Fumi wavy weave

As a special kind of wavy hair, Fumi wavy products have hair curls all in the same direction, giving it a lovely loose volume. Fumi wavy hairstyle will bring classic beauty with attractive hair curls. It is also easy to maintenance and style with this Fumi wavy texture.

2.4. Water Body Wavy

Body wavy weave

Water Body Wavy is a fantastic hairstyle with a sneaker form. It generates huge, silky waves that will soften your look, volumize your hair, and undoubtedly give you a feminine appeal. This is the haircut for you if you’re still looking for a party hairdo.

2.5. Loose Wavy

Loose wavy full lace wig

The curl pattern of a loose wavy texture is tighter and smaller than that of a body way. Many people adore the curl pattern of loose wavy hair since it is neither too tight nor too straight. It will appear more natural and fluffy, which is why many ladies like to wear it all year. Hair with a loose wave is neither too straight nor too tight. The majority of people like loose hair since it is often fluffier and more natural.

2.6. Body Wavy

Body wavy weave 1

Body wavy hair is a form of loose hair that appears to be extremely natural. It features a straight and curly wave pattern. The curls of the body wave appear to be more relaxed. When hair is treated in a body wavy style, it forms a deep “S” pattern that runs the length of the bundle. It may be straightened to straight hair or curled to any other curly hair with ease.

2.7. Bouncy Wavy

Bouncy wavy weave

When you want more volume for hair, you just need bouncy wavy hair. With flatter hair strands, this kind of wavy texture will cover your face, bringing the big, round, bouncy curls. This style tends to the “S” shape with loose but your hair is still shiny and gorgeous. Bouncy wavy hair is suitable for short, shoulder, or long lengths.

3. Curly hair texture

The thickness of each strand of hair, or cuticle, is referred to as curly hair texture. It extends beyond the pattern of your hair. Fine, medium or coarse strands can be found in curly textures.

3.1. Fumi Curly

Fumi curly weave

The hair will curl in the same direction as the small tornados and have a specific thickness at the ends. However, the influence this hair texture has on you may surprise you because it is not only suited for elegant girls but also for people with powerful personalities.

3.2. Deep Curly

Deep curly weave

Dark curves are somewhat tighter than deep waves and have a more natural appearance. Dark curls give your hair a lot of substance and make it seem like a curled bone. Add deep curly hair extensions if you have naturally curly hair that is lacking in length and thickness, or if your curls are damaged and difficult to manage.

3.3. Kinky Curly

Kinky curly weave

Kinky curly hair weave creates a great curl hairdo and has the most natural-looking curl pattern, much like African American natural hair. Afro kinky curly weave hair is another name for kinky curly weave hair. Kinky curly hair is tightly coiled and merely a spiral or wave, comparable to natural curls’ “z” and “s” pattern. It will give your hair a fuller and thicker appearance. The words we may use to characterize kinky curly hair are bold, attractive, and naturally abundant. It’s also silky, smooth, and fluffy.

3.4. Loose Curly

Loose curly weave

This loose curly texture has smaller curly ringlets that match perfectly with shoulder-length haircuts. The spacing between the curls of the hair appears to be quite consistent, resulting in flawless curves. If you like the old-style hair texture, loose curly will be a good idea to pick up.

3.5. Twist Curly

Twist curly weave

Twist curly hair is a hairstyle with the same fascinating and protecting features. This hairstyle resembles a tightly coiled rope, which helps the structure of the curls stand out even more. It is a low-tension, low-maintenance, and super-easy style that takes less time to produce than braids.

3.6. Romantic Curly

Romantic curly weave

What you’ll notice about Romantic curly is that the curls curl in different directions, giving off a completely fresh, wild vibe. It features an elegant curling look as well as a natural touch. This haircut provides the person with a nostalgic and aristocratic sense.