Silky Straight Bulk Hair

Bulk hair extensions are cool products that we can use flexibly for various purposes. Luxshinehair offers the bulk hair extensions with a variety of textures. One of them is natural straight bulk hair extensions. There are three things about these products that will satisfy you. Firstly, the hair we use is Vietnamese women’s hair which is soft, smooth, and very strong. Secondly, the brilliant texture brings a naturally charming beauty. Thirdly, we can use bulk hair as extensions, or to make other types of hair extensions. You want to look graceful and elegant? Use our silky straight bulk hair extensions now!

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Bulk hair

Straight Black Bulk hair

From 12.3$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Straight Dark brown Bulk hair

From 14.1$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Straight Light Brown Bulk hair

From 16.0$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Straight Cool Brown/Red Bulk hair

From 17.0$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Straight Light Blonde Bulk hair

From 17.6$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Straight White Blonde Bulk hair

From 18.1$/ 0.1 Kg