Silky Straight Lace Closure

Lace closures product is always hot products of Luxshinehair. People love this product because it is very easy to install. With our closure, you don’t have to visit a hair salon to have a gorgeous hairstyle. We make a lace closure by attaching hair strands to a lace piece.

We carry out the whole attaching process by hand to make sure that all the knots are tight and hard to break. Also, we use only high-quality natural Remy hair which is soft, smooth, glossy, and very strong. There are three straight textures for you to choose:  kinky straight, and yaki straight. Our lace closures will definitely satisfy you.

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Lace Closure

Straight Black Lace Closure


Lace Closure

Straight Cool Brown/Red Lace Closure

Lace Closure

Straight Light Brown Lace Closure


Lace Closure

Straight Dark Brown Lace Closure


Lace Closure

Straight Light Blonde Lace Closure


Lace Closure

Straight White Blonde Lace Closure