Hair standards

Luxshine provides you with high-quality items. We have a wide selection of hair extensions that are divided into several categories. Currently, Luxshine provides some main standards that have the hair quality is different.

Hair standards

1. Single drawn hair

Single drawn hair and double drawn hair

Because there is a certain number of short hair in the bundle, this type of hair has a thin end. The hair will appear thick at the start, but as it progresses to the end, it will thin down and become sparse. Despite the fact that it does not give complete thickness, it nonetheless produces the natural sense of hairs that taper from the scalp to the ends, as this is how our hair grows. People, on the other hand, continue to appreciate these goods since the hair quality meets all international requirements and the price is fair. A typical bundle of single drawn hair will have around 50% full-length hairs and 50% hairs of various lengths.

For this type of standard, we have the symbols KC (single drawn), A (single drawn type 1), and A+ (single drawn type 2). The hair quality will be greater if you do it in the correct order. Each type’s hair volume and thickness will rise as they progress from KC to A+. In the order of KC, A, A+, the number of white or red hair strands in a hair bundle will likewise decrease. You can opt to weave hair to enjoy Luxshine’s hair extension items with this type of standard.

Advantages of single-drawn hair

  • Natural look: Each of our hairs will grow at a distinct rate as it develops naturally from our scalp. As a result, a person with naturally long hair will have hair that is thinner at the tips and taper down at the bottom. Single-drawn hair is a terrific option for consumers who want a natural finish and don’t need a lot of volumes.
  • Cheap cost: Single-drawn hair is frequently less expensive than double-drawn hair, but if the ends are trimmed up a few inches, they may easily be thickened to create the same overall appearance as the more expensive double-drawn hair.

Disadvantages of single drawn hair

If you have a customer who wants a glamorous appearance, you’ll have a hard time achieving it with single drew hair extensions, and you’ll have to shave off a lot of lengths to get there. If this is the desired look, single-drawn hair extensions may not be the greatest option, and double-drawn hair extensions may be a better alternative.

2. Double-drawn hair

Single and double drawn hair

This standard’s hair extensions feature a thicker end. The reason for this is that hair bundles have fewer short hair strands in them. Of course, the better the hair extension appears, the thicker the hair end is. These hair products have become increasingly popular in recent years.

When buying at Luxshine, you have the option of selecting among types such as KA or A++. The difference between them is most noticeable in hair volume, as hair with the A++ standard is thicker and contains fewer hair strands of different colors in the same bundle than hair with the KA standard. Luxshine offers a wide range of hair extensions with A++ standards, including clip-in hair, tape-in hair, keratin hair, bulk hair, and weave hair products. For KA standard, it is available for you to buy weave hair extensions.

Shorter hair is plucked by hand from double-drawn hair extensions. Workers hand-cut the hair ends so that the complete bundle maintains the same fullness from top to bottom, and then stitch the hair into the weft. This treatment will improve the quality of your hair extensions and give you a fuller look. Of course, double-drawn hair extensions cost more, but the quality and volume are superior, and they will stay longer.

Advantages of double-drawn hair

  • Easy to style: Because the hair extensions are thick all the way to the tip, you can easily obtain a full-bodied style.
  • Save the budget: Luxshine’s hair extensions are so thick, you’ll probably only need a fraction of what you’d need for a complete head of single-drawn hair extensions. As a result, it will not be necessary to purchase as many products.

Disadvantages of double drawn hair

If you have a fine-haired client, this weight may be too much for them to bear without inflicting harm. As a result, not everyone is a good fit for double-drawn hair extensions.

3. Super double hair

Luxshine has introduced a new hair standard, super double hair with the symbol KA3+, to fulfill the different purchasing needs of customers all over the world. With these basic hair extension goods, you’ll get hair with reasonably full hair ends and a more balanced mix of short and long hair strands.

Luxshine hair weave

Don’t worry if you don’t know the items that meet this standard. This standard is available in a wide range of Luxshine weaves, so you’ll have plenty of options when you shop.

Advantages of super double hair

  • The thick hair ends. Those with thin hair will appreciate the quality of these items.
  • The hair quality for easy styling. Because the hair quality is good and the consistency of the hair length is quite great, you may change whatever hairstyle you want with this standard.

Disadvantage of super double hair

Because the hair is of good quality, the price will be expensive. Furthermore, not everyone will benefit from the Luxshine hair standard, particularly those with thick and coarse hair.

4. Super double-drawn hair

Super double drawn hair

The name of this hair standard might give you an idea of how good the items are. Because almost all of the hair strands are the same length, the hair extensions’ ends appear full and thick. This hair standard is more expensive than the two varieties above.

In super double-drawn extensions, nearly all of the strands are the same length. This contributes to your original lock’s final loudness enhancement. The hair products which enhance your

Weave and bulk hair extensions are two hair items that Luxshine offers to assist you to increase the attractiveness of your hair with this standard. You can choose the best Luxshine product for yourself based on your requirements.

Advantages of super double-drawn hair

  • The thickness of the strands makes it simple to obtain a full-bodied finish.
  • From root to tip, each strand is thick.
  • The hair comes from a donor of comparable quality.
  • It’s simple to cut, style, and blend.

Disadvantages of super double-drawn hair

The high cost of this hair standard is a disadvantage. It cannot be denied that it is the greatest quality hair available; yet, you must pay an exorbitant price for it.

There are two standards for Luxshine wig, closure, and frontal products: A (1-2) and B (1-3). When compared to A (1-2), the mass of B (1-3) will be lower, and the hair density on the lace will be thinner.

To get good hair products, visit Luxshine now! We have all the main hair standards that you may choose freely.