Twist Curly Bulk Hair

Twist curly bulk hair extensions are the perfect options that you can try once. This hairstyle brings energetic and naughty beauty. With this curly hair, you can go out confidently. Bulk hair is a cheap extension that is the beginning of many different hair textures like straight, wavy, curly hair. These extensions are the most basic products of Luxshinehair. To make this product, we collect high-quality hair of Vietnamese women and then process it carefully to make necessary hair form. The last step is to tie the elastic bands at the top of the hair. You have a range of choice to style your hair with our curly hair products. Our product’s advantages are good bulk hair without plastic, bug, tangle, shedding, etc. In brief, choosing twist curly hair extension is your awesome decide.

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Bulk hair

Twist Curly Light Brown Bulk hair

From 19.0$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Twist Curly Cool Brown/Red Bulk hair

From 20.0$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Twist Curly Dark Brown Bulk hair

From 17.1$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Twist Curly Black Bulk hair

From 15.3$/ 0.1 Kg