Twist Curly Weaves

Twist curly weaves hair is a great choice for those who want to look attractive and energetic. Curly hair extensions of Luxshinehair are the great products which can enhance your beauty immediately. Bulk hair is the most basic type of hair extensions. We can also use bulk hair to make other hair extensions such as weave hair, closure, wig, etc. Luxshinehair uses only high-quality Vietnamese women’s hair which is soft, smooth, glossy, and exceptionally strong. As long as you bleach, color, or style properly, the hair quality will not change. Our weave twist curly hair extensions will satisfy you because they are comfortable to use for a very long time.

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Curly Weaves

Twist Curly Black Weave hair

From 16.5$/ 0.1 Kg

Curly Weaves

Twist Curly dark brown Weave hair

From 18.2$/ 0.1 Kg