Yaki Straight Bulk Hair

Yaki straight bulk hair extensions of Luxshinehair are here to give you a gorgeous look without a lot of money. This hairstyle is a special hair texture that you should try at least once in your life. Among all the products we supply, bulk hair is probably the most basic one. People love bulk hair because they can use this product flexibly (as a hair extension, or as an ingredient to make other hair extensions). Another reason is that it has a  reasonable price. Using our yaki straight bulk hair extensions, you will always feel comfortable. This is because we use high-quality hair of Vietnamese people. Don’t hesitate to choose this great product for yourself right now!

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Bulk hair

Yaki Straight Cool Brown/Red Bulk hair

From 19.5$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Yaki Straight Light Brown Bulk hair

From 18.5$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Yaki Straight Black Bulk hair

From 14.8$/ 0.1 Kg

Bulk hair

Yaki Straight Dark Brown Bulk hair

From 16.6$/ 0.1 Kg