Yaki Straight Weaves

Yaki straight Weaves hair extension is also called as machine weft hair or to be short, weft hair with 1-2 meters length. We use a sewing machine to create our hair so it looks really genuine and sophisticated. It is sewn in the way we often do with our clothes, as a result, hair is very tight together and will never fall out. This kind of extension is cheap so you can create a variety of different hairstyles from it. This texture is quite the same as naturally straight hair but it has a unique.

In fact, there are a lot of girls who are fall in love with our product. Weave yaki straight hair extension is a high-quality hair product without bugs, tangles, and shedding. It is also a perfect choice to change your hairstyle now.

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Yaki Straight Weaves

Yaki Straight dark brown Weave hair

From 17.7$/ 0.1 Kg

Yaki Straight Weaves

Yaki Straight Black Weave hair

From 16.0$/ 0.1 Kg